We are honored to invite you to the International Conference for PhD Students in Biomedical Research during 7-9 September 2017, Cracow, Poland.

The Conference is organized by Jagiellonian University Medical College, a medical school with over 600 years of tradition in research and education.

The topic of the conference is ’Healthy Aging’.

This will cover a wide spectrum of laboratory, epidemiological, and interventional studies related to preserving health throughout a whole life span. For young professionals in biomedical sciences, this conference will allow presentation of their results and discussion with international experts.

We have invited four distinguished scientists who are recipients of the Honoris Causa Doctorate of our University for excellence in their field. They have kindly accepted our invitation to lecture at the conference, but also to take active part in the sessions discussing results of junior researches. Our vision for the participants of this conference is to contribute to the scientific program, either by oral or poster presentations, with a time set aside for scientific interaction.

The conference offers also a chance for visiting Cracow and its surroundings, the most beautiful and popular tourist attraction in Poland.

We look forward to seeing young leading researchers from European and extra-European countries who wish to present and discuss the results of their research.

Jagiellonian University Medical College

Prof. Tomasz Grodzicki

Vice-Rector of the Jagiellonian University for the Medical

Prof. Marek Sanak

Jagiellonian University Deputy for Research and Development
for the Medical College

Prof. Katarzyna Stolarz-Skrzypek

Organizing Committee


Jacek Hawiger

Prof. Jacek J. Hawiger,
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, US

Jacek J. Hawiger is a Distinguished Professor of Medicine and a Professor of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, US.

His major research interests include molecular basis of innate immunity and inflammation, intracellular immunotherapy, and thrombosis. He received the honoris causa doctorate of the Copernicus School of Medicine (currently Jagiellonian University Medical College) in 1992.

chp Franz Messerli

Prof. Franz Messerli
University of Bern, Switzerland

Franz Messerli is a Professor of Medicine at Mount Sinai Health Medical Center at the Icahn School of Medicine in the Division of Cardiology, and also is a Visiting Professor in the Department of Cardiology of Bern University Hospital, Bern, Switzerland, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland.

He is an expert in hypertensive cardiovascular disease and preventive cardiology. Prof. Messerli received the honoris causa doctorate of the Jagiellonian University in 2013.

Federica Perrera

Prof. Frederica P. Perera
Columbia University, US

Federica P. Perera is a Professor of Environmental Health Sciences and the Director of the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health, US.

She is internationally recognized for pioneering the field of molecular epidemiology, utilizing biomarkers to understand links between environmental exposures and disease. Prof. Perera received the honoris causa doctorate of the Jagiellonian University Medical College in 2004.


Prof. Jan A. Staessen
University of Leuven, Belgium

Jan A. Staessen is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Leuven and Head of Hypertension and Cardiovascular Epidemiology, Department of Cardiovascular Diseases in University of Leuven, Belgium.

His research interests focus on genetics, epidemiology, and treatment of cardiovascular disease – in particular, hypertension. Prof. Staessen received the honoris causa doctorate of the Jagiellonian University in 2009.



Prof. Jan A. Staessen
Prof. Katarzyna Stolarz-Skrzypek


Prof. Marek Sanak

Jagiellonian University Deputy for Research
and Development for the Medical College

Anna Kańtoch, MD

Healthy Aging

Collegium Novum, ul. Gołębia 24

Collegium Medicum, ul. Anny 12